Samsung S3 i9300 & Note2 N7100 Dead boot solution & imei null solution s3 100% Working Guide

Samsung s3 i9300 & Note2 N7100 Dead boot repair solution & imei null solution only for i9300
Credits go to jamesjerss, original author of this post which been copied here from another forum

* Download samsung s3 boot card maker Here

* Extract it on desktop

* Take a card reader insert memory card into the card reader nd connect it to the pc

* From the extracted folder run Diskdump2.exe

* Select generic storage Device. pictures below follw it

* Now to write the scripts folle the below given picr

Now done yu are succesfully created Dead boot memorycard

To continue further


* Z3X samsung Box or SPT Box (i used z3x)

* special UART Cable (300k or 500k uartcable)

* Download teraterm-4.78 From Here

* Fully charged battery

Dead boot Reapairing procedure

* Download nd extract teraterm-4.78 on desktop

* From extracted folder run ttermpro.exe there select serial port nd change the serial port to z3x serial
port lik below givin in the picr

*After Select The Serial Port Press Ok Button den Go To Setup Click Serial Port Option
Select Baud Rate 115200 Then Press Ok Button lik below givn in the picr

* Now insert the created boot card to the mobile

* Connect the Uart cable via z3x box

* Now Insert the battery nd wait for 5min if the procces didnt start discnnt the mobile close ttermpro agin try it.

* if it run success yu vil the result below given lik this.

pit_check_integrity: invalid pit.(0x0)
pit_check_integrity: invalid pit.(0x0)
update_guid_partition_table: There is no pit binary.
fsd_reclaim 1283: MST is not recognized(mst.magic=0x0)
fsd_reclaim 1284: MST is not recognized
fsd_reclaim 1599: Error(nErr=0x0)
fsd_reclaim 1604: j4fs_rw_start is set to default value(128KB)
j4fs_open 153: Error(nErr=0x40000000)
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
load_j4fs_param: 'param.j4fs' does not exist, make new one..
j4fs_write_file_bootloader 184: j4fs panic
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
load_j4fs_param: debug level file does not exist..*INCORRECT!*
init_fuel_gauge: battery is not detected, do not init fuelgauge
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL1:0x1b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL1:0x1b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL2:0x3b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL2:0x3a
PMIC_ID = 0x2
PMIC_IRQ1 = 0x27
PMIC_IRQ2 = 0x0
s5p_check_keypad: keypad value=0x0
s5p_check_reboot_mode: INFORM3 = 0 ... skip
s5p_check_upload: MAGIC CODE=d1b0f038
microusb_get_attached_device: STATUS1:0x3c, 2:0x0
s5p_check_download: update mode=0
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
s5p_check_tzsw: invalid tzsw type! dummy?
scr_draw_image: draw 'download_error.jpg'...
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
read_param_file: 'download_error.jpg' j4fs read failed!
fimd_div:13, div:1, FB_SOURCE_CLOCK:800000000, FB_PIXEL_CLOCK:57153600
a2, 60, 90,

* if yu get this error at the end [Patch Stop] This is not Rom Code. yu cant fix yur mobile yu have to change yur emmc chip


TN default
[DVFS] INT(1) : 0
[DVFS] MIF(3) : 0
[LOCK SW/HW]ARM:0/0 INT:0/0 G3D:0/0 MIF:0/0 SHIFT:0/0
[DVFS] ARM(0) : 5
[DVFS] INT(1) : 0
[DVFS] G3D(2) : 0
[DVFS] MIF(3) : 0
SD_READ: 20000 20000 0x40008000 -> 668484 usec
Inp32(uAddr) : 0xea00007e
FW Booting
[Patch Stop] This is not Rom Code.

* After done this yur mobile must me n download mode or white screen if white screen manually put into download mode.

* After dead boot repair mine white screen i manually put into download mode pir below

* Now update your mobile with factory firmware with PIT file lik below given n the picr.Factory firmware Download Here

* After update complete yur mobile may not have imei .imei null or yur mobile will not boot bcoz of dead boot repair. yur efs must be corrupted

* To Fix this prob first root yur mobile Download from here (flash it through odin select as odin)

* Now Download this EfS repair file nd flash it through odin select as odin yur mobile must boot
but the imei become lik this 004999010640000

* if yur imei is null yu cant repair using this box so 1st yu have to repair the efs using above givn file. if yur imei bcome lik tis oly (004999010640000) yu can repair using z3x or othr samsung tool

* Now follw the picr to repair imei problem.

* After IMEI Repair

Credits go to jamesjerss, original author of this post which been copied here from another forum


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