Get Root Method For LG G3 Devices HOw To Tutorial Here

New Root Method For LG G3 Devices How To Tutorial Here Step By Step
Original Guide
1.) Download LG Root
2.) Download LG Drivers
3.) A micro USB cable connected to your PC
4.) Your device must be unencrypted
5.) Before you ask a question, make sure you looked at the pictures in the guide.
1.) Download and unzip the in your preferred location

I chose the Desktop for my location

2.) Enable ADB debugging on your device

Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information and tap build number until you are presented with "You are now a developer"
Exit back to Settings main screen
In Developer Options enable USB Debugging (Some devices require enabling PTP for debugging to work)

3.) In the root of LG_Root folder start a command prompt

Instructions may vary based on Window's version
Inside of LG_Root folder hold shift and right click a blank space you should see "Open command window here"

4.) Now that we have a command prompt running in the root of the folder let's get started. (Commands are copy+paste unless specified)

Let's make sure our device is connected
adb.exe devices

5.) Great! My device is connected let's continue, we need to get the files onto the device used for this root method.
In the same command prompt let's execute another command
adb.exe push busybox /data/local/tmp/ && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp

6.) Well that was easy , let's continue (Now that we have the files on our device we want to put our device is download mode)

(Note this method may vary from device to device)
Power off your device
When the device is powered off, hold volume up and insert a USB cable connected to the PC
Wait for the drivers to install
7.) We're almost done (you've managed to get in download mode)

8.) Let's find which COM port our device is connected to

Double click ports.bat (This will give us the COM port in which our device is connected we are looking for the Diag port)

You may exit this command prompt when you have your COM port number, keep the other command prompt open

9.) Let's Begin! (Keep the device in Download mode)
Let's run Send_Command.exe (It couldn't connect? Make sure you COM port number is correct it varies)
Send_Command.exe \\.\COM4

10.) Final Step!!!!!! (We must run the root script)
sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

11.) We're done
You may pull the battery to get the device out of Download mode

All credit goes to @jgkim find a post and thank this guy for posting the method.
Thank @high247 for ports.bat


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