XperiFirm ~Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.5] Free Download

1St On Net XperiFirm ~Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.5] Free Download

Works on Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926):

Works on Mono (Example: Zorin OS Core 9.1 x64): [It's not pretty, since Mono still uses Windows Classic theme, but it's working]

Microsoft Windows:
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer!
* Windows XP SP3: .NET Framework 4.0
* Windows Vista SP2: .NET Framework 4.6 RC
* Windows 7 SP1: .NET Framework 3.5 is included, but you should update to .NET Framework 4.6 RC.
* Windows 8/8.1/10: To run XperiFirm, make sure you also extract "XperiFirm.exe.config" along with "XperiFirm.exe". [Thanks to aphanic].
* Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux or OS X users may delete "XperiFirm.exe.config".

Install Mono for Linux:
$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe
* Gentoo/Funtoo:
Install Mono for Linux:
# emerge mono
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
# mono XperiFirm.exe
Apple OS X:
Install Mono for OS X:
Enter the following in Terminal:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe
v4.5 [April 11, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: This is the last update for this month! All updares will be limited to adding devices and CDAs!
- ATTENTION: You must update to this version, else the device list won't load. XperiFirm now uses even more compression, to economize bandwidth and load everything even faster!
- NEW: Proxy settings added! Click the new gear icon next to the "Check All" button.
- NEW: All country flags in the device list are now being loaded from XperiFirm's server, which means if new flags are needed, you won't need to download another version of XperiFirm, it's all being covered server-side!
- NEW: The panels aren't being locked anymore when using the "Check All" button. You can scroll the lists, click on the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list. This will not interrupt the checking process.
- FIX: Some visual bugs were fixed for even smoother experience!
v4.4 [April 10, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: You must update to this version, else the device list won't load.
- FIX: Fixed a weird bug that caused a delay when opening XperiFirm and "Checking for updates...".
- MINOR: Added a few icons for devices marked as for Brazil. Some of them are both for Brazil & Argentina or Brazil & Chile.
v4.3 [April 8, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: You must update to this version, else the device list won't load.
- NEW: Added support for CDMA devices with no IMEI (but MEID instead). Specifically, Xperia PLAY (R800x) for Verizon which was missing because of that issue.
v4.2 [April 6, 2015]:
- FIX: On some computers, lists might get cached and unable to refresh. In this version, caching is disabled entirely.
v4.1 [April 3, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: XperiFirm's database now uses compression. Any XperiFirm version prior to 4.1 will not be able to load any of the lists!
v4.0 [April 2, 2015]:
- NEW: Java is no longer needed for XperiFirm; Release list loading is now .NET-native. Which also allowed me to implement these features:
* File size was decreased from almost 300KB to just 267KB.
* You can run XperiFirm from any location, from any OS that has .NET Framework 3.5 or higher (Windows), or Mono (Linux/OS X). No more obscure Java errors that prevent XperiFirm from launching or working properly.
* Since there is no JAR file extraction involved anymore, hopefully anti-viruses stop complaining for a false-positive.
* Release list loading is MUCH faster, almost instant, since no more external Java calls are being made.
* When you select a CDA, the loaded release list is saved in memory until you select another device, which saves time and internet traffic if it's re-selected later.
* When you use "Check All", the "Latest Release" versions are being retrieved by the new method (instead of the Sony PC Companion-ish inaccurate method), which is accurate and is exactly the same as the topmost release you get when you select a CDA normally. (No more release versions mismatches and inaccurate versions)
* When you use "Check All", the operation also saves the release list to memory, which will then be re-used if the CDA is being re-selected, instead of loading the release list again and again.
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