How To Backup Your Android Smartphone and Tablet Data Guide

Data Backup is one of the most important task whether you using computer or mobile devices. We used to backup all our import documents before reinstalling our computer operating system or, before making a huge change in the system settings. Like computers, today’s advance mobile devices allow us to store a huge number of data and we used to keep our important data stores in our mobile device to access on the go. Besides all those  important data, mobile devices have other valuable data and settings such as- Contacts, Call Logs, SMS and MMS, WiFi Settings, APN Settings, Passwords, Various Downloaded Apps and Games and much more. More over we have personalized calendar settings, work schedule and more.
How To Backup Your Android Smartphone and Tablet Data Guide
In this article we going to describe complete data backup guide for android Smartphone and tablet users. Data backup should be done occasionally as you never know when your device will stop working for any reason. Suppose you have made change in mobile system settings or install an unknown apps but after that your phone get hangs and stuck in boot loop. If it happen, then you have to do complete wipe your phone and that surely you going to loss all your data. So, it is better to do schedule backup your mobile data.
For data backup, all most all Android Smartphone comes with basic data backup option but that only able to backup normal data like Contacts, WiFi Settings, Passwords etc but can’t backup SMS, MMS and other important data. If you have a rooted android device and occasionally experience custom ROM then you can easily do a nandroid backup through CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery which backup almost everything stores in your phone. Others can use various data backup apps which available from the Google Play Store but most of the good apps works with rooted android phone. So, many android users search for how to backup data and settings without rooting android phone.

In this article, we going to share some of the great free android data backup and restore apps that work with non rooted android phone. Backup all your Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, WiFi and APN Settings, Apps and Games in external memory and restore later when you require. Check out all the below data backup apps for un-rooted android phone.

Backup Your Mobile App

Backup Your Mobile is a kind of all in one android data backup app which available for free download from the Google Play Store. Backup all your phone Contacts, complete call logs, SMS and MMS, various system settings, WiFi and APN settings, bookmark and browser history, passwords and settings, User dictionary, calendar events, games and other apps. backup can be done either in SD card or in system memory. The app also allow to store backup data to Google Drive or Drop Box. Backup manually or you can schedule an automatic backup.

Free Download Backup Your Mobile from Google Play Store

Easy Backup App

Easy Backup do as its name, Another great all in one free data backup app for non rooted android phone. Easily backup all your phone data like- contacts, messages, call logs, WiFi settings, APN settings, browser passwords and bookmarks, calendar schedule, games and rest of all. Like the above app, you can store the backup file in system memory or in SD Card and even you can store backup data to Google Mail, Google Drive and Drop Box. Do a manual backup or schedule automatic backup. More over, you can view backup content and even you can mail backup file.

Free Download Easy Backup from Google Play Store

Go Backup and Restore Pro App

Go Backup and Restore Pro is a great professional free version of data backup and restore app for android phone. The app helps to backup important phone data such as- contacts, call logs, messages both SMS and MMS, system settings, apk files, app data and more. As this is a free version, there is some limitation of this app. You can store the backup file to your SD card but the free version not allow to store file to online media like Google Drive or Drop Box. You can do only manual backup as the schedule backup is not available in this free version.

Free Download Go Backup and Restore Pro from Google Play Store

JS Backup App

JS Backup is another easy backup and restore app for non rooted android phone which is again available for free from Google Play Store. The app allow easy backup of almost everything that store in your phone such as- contacts, call logs, messages, passwords, WiFi and APN settings, calendar settings, alarms, events, images, videos, music, play lists, apps, dictionary, bookmarks and more. Like all other great app, the JS Backup allow to store backup file in SD card and as well as cloud storage to Google Drive, Drop Box and SugarSync. The CSV format backup file van be open through MS Excel or other supported application.

Free Download JS Backup from Google Play store

App Backup and Restore App

As the name stated, the App Backup and Restore is a special free app to backup all the apps that installed on your phone. With the help of this app you can backup all your third party app that installed on your non rooted android Smartphone or tablet. However, as the app works with non rooted android phone, you can only backup .apk file but not app data. Store backup file to SD card. Along with third party app, you can also backup system defaults app but for that you have enable option from app setting.

Free Download App Backup and Restore from Google Play Store

All the above apps are free and works with non rooted android Smartphone and tablet. Hope you find all the above apps useful for you which help you to backup all your important phone data and settings. There are many other free apps available in Google Play Store but we found these are the best for your un-rooted android phone. If you know about any other great free app like above, do share with us using the comment form below and also share your backup experience with us.


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